Welcome to Our Parish!

Saint Nicholas Romanian Orthodox Church is a parish of "The Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in America and Canada", whose hierarch is his Eminence Archbishop Nicolae, serving the Romanian comunity from the metropolitan area of New York.

We invite everybody who is, for a longer or shorter period of time in New York City area, to come and meet us.
God's Church is for us "pillar and foundation of the Truth", it is the Church where we keep our true orthodox belief and faith of our fathers and forefathers.

For those who visit just our site: we invite you to find out about the background of our church, whose founder was Rev. Fr. Archimandrite Dr. Vasile Vasilachi, about his life and activity, who are real history pages.


Our Priest

The priest, "God's man", a providential presence in our life, is called and sent to open for us the way towards the true life and the eternal happiness, but most important, to show us how we can discover these things and how to earn them.
A man of complete devotion, the priest does not live only his own life, he lives the life of every one of us. He finds joy in our accomplishments, especially in the ones of our souls.

Schedule of services

Fridays Vespers + Acathist 6:30pm
Saturdays GreatVespers 6:30pm
Sundays Matins
Divine Liturgy
Holidays Eve of Holiday - Vespers
Matins + Divine Liturgy

We will be glad to have you with us in prayer and communion.

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